Dispatches from the Trail with DeeDee Jonrowe

Dispatches from the Trail with DeeDee Jonrowe (KTUU)

Veteran Iditarod musher DeeDee Jonrowe, who has 16 Top-10 finishes under her signature pink parka, joins Channel 2's Iditarod coverage team for the 2019 race.

Find all her Dispatches from the Trail here, as she follows the race up the Iditarod Trail.

Dispatches from the Trail: Skwentna Roadhouse

DeeDee Jonrowe's first Dispatch from the Trail was filed on a pre-race ride to the Winter Lake Lodge, when she stopped by the Skwentna Roadhouse. Read about her memories of the stop here.

Dispatches from the Trail: Old Finger Lake Lodge

DeeDee Jonrowe gives us a quick tour of the old Finger Lake Lodge, which used to be the official checkpoint for the trail.

Dispatches from McGrath: Mushers' strategies should be firming up, even if the trail isn't

As mushers make their way to the Kuskokwim River checkpoint of McGrath, DeeDee Jonrowe says they should be firming up their strategies for the rest of the race.

Dispatches from the Trail: Nikolai to Takotna

Jonrowe talks about some of the jagged, icy trail conditions on the Kuskokwim River. Plus, she even saw the moose encounter Channel 2 heard about with Nic Petit, in which he joked that his team didn't "run into" the moose "It was... racing us."

Dispatches from the Trail: Ophir to Iditarod rattles mushers and media alike

DeeDee Jonrowe talks about the tough trail conditions, includign how icy tussocks took out both her husband's snowmachine, and the leading Iditarod musher on the trail at the time, Aliy Zirkle, in the same area.

Dispatches from the Trail: A look at some of the top-running teams

DeeDee Jonrowe has seen many of the front-running teams in action, and resting in checkpoints. Here's her take on what she's seen.

Dispatches from the Trail: Shageluk sled problems and sleeping dogs

DeeDee is glad to be in the villages along the Iditarod Trail, where she's found help with snowmachine problems, and also checks in on some dogs resting in Shageluk.

Dispatches from the Trail: Iditarod standings in Unalakleet: 'This is just another starting line'

The 200 or so miles of trail heading up Norton Sound to Nome are some of the most notorious of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Jonrowe has been looking closely at the top six teams as they approach Unalakleet from Kaltag.

Dispatches from the Trail: DeeDee on Nicolas Petit's dog team slowdown

DeeDee Jonrowe gives her analysis of Nicolas Petit's dog team slowdown outside of Shaktoolik, and an update after she spoke with him at the Shelter Island cabin.

Dispatches from the Trail: Shaktoolik-to-Koyuk trail beats up veteran mushers, shifts trail

The Shaktoolik-to-Koyuk portion of the Iditarod trail crosses Norton Bay, and is notoriously windy and treacherous. DeeDee Jonrowe tells us what she experienced on the ice this year on snowmachine and how the trail is treating veteran Iditarod mushers near the front of the pack.

Dispatches from the Trail: Trail conditions White Mountain to Nome

Mushers coming in to White Mountain face "Little McKinley," a steep climb known for heavy winds, and out of White Mountain, they face soft trails.

Iditarod Champion Pete Kaiser talks about his historic Iditarod win

In his first extensive television interview after winning the 2019 Iditarod. Peter Kaiser says the impact of being the first Yup'ik Iditarod champion is still sinking in, and he thanks all of his fans in Western Alaska who traveled to Nome to witness his historic finish.