2-year-old Iditarod dog, Deacon, dies on the team of musher Seth Barnes

Deacon, 2, right, with sibling Bruha.
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A dog has died on the Iditarod team of musher Seth Barnes, race officials say.

[R.I.P. Deacon: Puppy-like husky died on rookie run]

The 2-year-old husky, named Deacon, died on the trail and was brought to the Galena checkpoint at 11:40 p.m. Thursday, according to a news release from Race Marshal Mark Nordman.

Barnes, 37, of Stocton, Alabama, told officials that the husky died just before his arrival. Barnes' team is resting this morning in Galena.

Iditarod says a necropsy will be performed to determine how the dog died.

Barnes began mushing since shortly after moving to Alaska in 2010, according to a bio on the Iditarod’s website. This is his second Iditarod attempt. Barnes finished 35th as a rookie in 2015.

Race officials said no additional information about the death was immediately available.

In response to the death, PETA called for a permanent end to the race.

"(Sled dogs) deserve far better than a lifetime of isolation, cruelty, suffering, and death training for and running in the Iditarod," the organization said, in part.

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