Immune boosting foods and why keeping it simple is key

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) We now live in a new coronavirus induced world and while your situation around you may have changed, some things remain unchanged.

Immune boosting foods, fruits and vegetable and keep it simple.

Naturopathic, Doctor Marion Clement at the Natural Health Center, LLC. in Anchorage said right now, more than ever, is an important time to make sure you're getting a good nutrient dense diet in.

So what does that mean? She said it's eating lots of fruits and vegetables and getting in those good sources of protein whether it's fish, meat, beans and whole grains. Also, don't over complicate it, but really try to focus on foods that are health supporting.

Grocery stores are still open, so when you do have to make that food run, think about grabbing dark leafy vegetables. They are good sources of vitamin K and C. Also orange and red veggies have vitamin A. The key she said is to focus on prevention first.

"Right now with improving your immunity what's really important is making sure you're getting a really good nutrient dense diet and what that means is eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and making sure that half your plate is fruits and vegetables. Really acting as if not that you're trying not to get sick, but assume that you are potentially contagious and so we're trying to protect everybody else," said Dr. Clement.

Haley Hughes is a Registered Dietician. She too echoed a lot of the same message and added that frozen and canned fruits and veggies are just as good.

"With canned goods they get the bad reputation of high sodium while if you can find some things that are low sodium I think that's a great option, also if you're making beans or you've gotten some green beans or corn, just rinse them, you're still going to get some benefit out of those canned goods and frozen veggies and frozen fruit are awesome," said Hughes.

Also think about things that are easy to store. Buy in bulk and cook on your own. As for vitamin C, don't just think citrus. Hughes said bell pepper and cauliflower are great sources for that too.

Overall, balancing out your nutrition is best and setting small goals.

"If you're working at home and you're in the kitchen pretty frequently, make some goals to maybe drink a glass of water every 30 minutes or stand up and stretch versus heading for the snacks," added Hughes.

Click here to for a list of some healthy processed foods shared by Hughes.

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