In Anchorage, winter tire rush intensifies after weekend snowfall

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Tire stores across Anchorage were open for business Sunday as many residents scrambled to get their tires changed out following the first measurable snowfall of the season.

Tire businesses say they’ve been fairly busy for the last few weeks since PFD checks went out. But now that there’s snow on the ground, they’re preparing for things to get even more hectic.

“Things have already been pretty busy but we usually get slammed once the snow hits so it definitely picks up,” said Deirdra Muller with Alaska Tire Service.

“I think once drivers realize they can’t maneuver their cars, then they try to rush into any tire place that’s taking change overs, so everybody’s pretty much busy this time of the year,” said Vatau Alenepi with Quality Tire & Auto Service.

Moisture on the roads will likely refreeze overnight, so drivers should expect icy conditions on the Glenn Highway Monday morning, particularly on bridges and overpasses. Snow melt is expected to continue throughout the week.

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