Inside Santa's Anchorage workshop

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Santa stays in his workshop day in and day out, making toys for the children across the world and throughout, but Santa can't do it all by himself, so there's a man here in Anchorage offering some help.

Channel 2 got a sneak peek inside John Combs' workshop, where he crafts wooden toys for nice boys and girls each Christmas. Then, on Christmas Eve, he and his wife Pam, dress as Santa and Mrs. Claus and bring them to the children Providence Hospital.

"Just to see their face when we walk in dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus and they just have a big grin and they're smiling, climbing all over us, it's just so so much fun. It makes everything worthwhile," said John Combs. "Pretty much our mission in life is to help with kids."

The Combs' don't children of their own, so for them, it's a mission close to their hearts.

"We weren't able to have children," said Pam Combs. "I think we're kind of missing out on the grandparents thing and so I think that kind of an instinct is kind of kicking in."

Each year near Christmas, John spends seven days a week in his workshop making the toys, while Pam completes them with painted faces, scarves, and decorations.

"It's sad to be in the hospital on Christmas day. We just wanted to give them a little bit of happiness and something to look forward to," said John Combs. "If we can make a different in their life, that's what we want to do, and being part of Christmas is part of that."

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