Iron Dog: Pro Class 2018

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(App users, to view this interactive data visualization, follow this link).

(Photo from the Iron Dog)

Data is sourced from the Iron Dog.

Use this interactive starting roster to learn more about the Iron Dog's 2018 Pro Class competitors. Learn about the racers' age, status, snowmachine and hometown.

To view a specific racer, use the Highlight tool at the lower left-hand corner.

Update - Feb. 16, 2018:
Last minute changes have been made to the race's Pro Class 2018, as indicated in the updated interactive roster. The total number of Pro Class racers dropped from 58 to 54.

• Due to injury, Team No. 3 – Steven Boney and Oliver Unruh – scratched before the race began.
• Team No. 21 – Dale Bennett and Casey Perkins – moved to compete in the Trail Class.
• And Team No. 19 switched drivers. The team now consists of Pat Daniels and Tim Schachle.

While the statistics presented in the video are slightly out-dated, the video can still be used to explain how to use the roster.

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