Quilt project for military veteran stolen out of quilter's car

Anchorage, KTUU — Mother and daughter duo Terry Koitzch and Kim King volunteer their time for Quilts of Valor for service members and veterans, but their latest project — a year in the making — was cut short when someone stole the quilt out of their car.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Koitzch and King say they went to Red Robin for dinner after a quilting class.

Koitzch said she was heartbroken when she discovered her quilting bag was missing. Inside the bag was her sewing machine, quilting tools and a Quilt of Valor project she had been working on.

"All that love and work and hard effort are wasted," King said.

The Quilts of Valor Foundation provides veterans and service members with hand-crafted quilts as a way to honor their service and provide them with comfort.

King made her father a Quilt of Valor before he passed away to honor his service in Vietnam.

Koitzch says she first started quilting as a way of healing after her husband died.

"So many of his peers from Vietnam never had a thank you," Koitzch said. "So in his honor, I am trying to say thank you."

Koitzch says the quilts take about a year, and the materials are donated or paid for by the quilter.

Koitzch says the one that is missing was more than halfway done, but was still in individual pieces.

"It could have become a comforting quilt, and the fear it is it will wind up being thrown away and lost," Koitzch said.

Koitzch is hoping the quilt will be found and dropped off at any quilt shop with no questions asked.

"It would be a miracle if I could get it back," Koitzch said.

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