It's Election Day: What's your candidate doing?

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Alaska’s statewide candidates for office may have a late night watching election results roll in Tuesday night, but some of them had a full agenda that started before the sun came up.

Some started their morning on busy street corners in Anchorage with supporters waving campaign signs to gather support from passersby.

Independent candidate for the U.S. House, Alyse Galvin, was one of them. “I’m just as exhilarated as I’ve been every single day,” Galvin told Channel 2 as her supporters blasted the song “Girls just wanna have fun.”

“It feels inspiring and it also makes me realize there’s work to be done,” Galvin said of being surrounded by supporters who took time out of their morning to wave signs in the cold. “People are looking forward to work that I’m going to do, and I appreciate that. I take it seriously, and I can’t wait to be a part of something that people feel hopeful about,” she said.

Her rival, incumbent Republican Rep. Don Young, the longest-serving current member of the U.S. House, was scheduled to campaign with supporters waving signs during the afternoon and evening commute Tuesday. A Channel 2 crew went to meet up with Young, but he was not there. Young’s campaign didn’t offer up other details of his schedule or availability for an interview earlier in the day.

Later in the day, Channel 2 crews spotted Galvin voting, and at Lucky Wishbone, a habitual dining spot for many candidates on Election Day.

Mark Begich, the Democratic candidate for governor, was also at the eatery best known for its fried chicken. “This is where a lot of folks come on Election Day,” Begich said. “It’s always packed in here over the noon lunch hour. I’m very excited, you get pretty pumped up and then get back out there and start campaigning ‘til the last minute,” Begich said.

Republican candidate for Governor, Mike Dunleavy, spent the early part of the day campaigning in the Mat-Su Valley. Just after the polls closed Tuesday, Channel 2 caught up to Dunleavy at the Anchorage Alehouse, the Republican Party's hangout for the night.

When asked what he'd been doing all day, Dunleavy said, "Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls, meetings I was all over the place, everywhere," trying to get out the vote. "The polls are closed now. We'll see how this falls," Dunleavy said.

This is a developing story. Channel 2 is planning to meet with all the candidates this evening as the polls close and results begin to be returned.

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