It's June, but one Alaska community just got half a foot of snow

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Summer slowly arrived in Alaska this month, but if you live in Glennallen, you may be having very different emotions regarding June weather.

Glennallen gets hit with over a half a foot of snow, June 10, 2018. Photo courtesy Eureka Lodge.

Monday, the Eureka Lodge in Glennallen reported a snow dump between six and eight inches, conjuring a very winter wonderland-esque picture, not typical for the month.

The storm, which KTUU meteorologist Howie Gordon says led to the snowfall, originated in Europe and moved over the North Pole. From there, it entered the Arctic Slope and continued moving south into the state.

Throughout Alaska, many regions saw rainfall from that storm, but for Glennallen, which recorded below freezing temperatures, that rain meant snow, and lots of it.

The Alaska Department of Transportation posted online Monday, stating, "Some winter weather rolled onto the Tok Highway and the eastern side of the Glenn Highway this morning."

They provided some photos, saying, "Here are some shots from equipment operator Jim Fimpel as he plowed (PLOWED?!?) the Glenn Highway around mileposts 118-145. The Dalton Highway is seeing some snow and ice up in the mountains and north as well."

KTUU meteorologist Howie Gordon contributed to this report.

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