It's National Cut Energy Cost Day - Here are some tips!

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Today is “National Cut Your Energy Cost Day.”

To give you some ideas on how to get that energy bill a little lower, we spoke with Matanuska Electric Association Inc. and Chugach electric for some quick tips.

"If we wanted to look at the top three ways we could do some more energy savings in the home or maybe the workplace we want to focus on our light and our heat sources," explained Jennifer Castro of Matanuska Electric (MEA)

She said the first tip is one you may have heard before: switching out old incandescent light bulbs for newer, LED bulbs.

"Also making sure we aren’t using electric sources for heat, [like} those electric heaters. Maybe wear more layers of clothing, using curtains or better shading to help keep the heat in, in space or facility," said Castro, "The other thing you want to look at is your thermostat, and turning the heat down when you are not actually there, then having it turn back up when you are there.”

Chugach had similar tips, but also touched upon a big question you may have about LED lights. Can you actually save some money by switching out all your old lights?

“If you’re switching from an incandescent light bulb to an LED you can save up to 80% just on your lighting costs. Another interesting tip I guess is that incandescent, the energy they require, about 80 to 90% of that is wasted on heat," said Kate Ayers with Chugach Electric, "So just that tiny little bit of time I had this on it’s hot to the touch right. Whereas the LED I can grab this because it produces the light more efficiently and it uses 80 to 90% of the wattage to produce the light and only has about 10% wasted heat."

So just to review, here are the tips from MEA:

  1. Switching out old incandescent light bulbs to new LEDs

  2. Make sure you aren’t using a lot of electric sources for heat

  3. Last but not least, having good thermostat management. This means putting your heat up when you are home and turning it down when you are heading out.

The Chugach electric tips are similar but with two added tips.

Chugach says using your power strips wisely can make a big difference, as well as if you’re using an engine block heater, make sure it’s on two or three hours before you start your vehicle.

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