‘It’s a waste of time’: Rep. Young dismisses Trump impeachment inquiry, says ‘no laws broken’

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Alaska’s sole member of the U.S. House of Representatives says the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump is “a waste of time.”

On Tuesday, Rep. Don Young said the inquiry is taking lawmakers away from passing important legislation. “I’m arguing that the president is doing his job and we should be doing our job,” he said.

Young, who took office in 1973, is the sole member of Congress who has been part of three impeachment inquiries.

“Nothing was really accomplished by anyone of them, you will see the same thing out of this one,” he said, despite supporting the potential impeachment of President Richard Nixon and voting to impeach President Bill Clinton.

For Young, the process of the current inquiry is also concerning as he hasn't been able to ask questions.

He has also read the evidence and is dubious if the president did anything illegal in his conversations with the Ukrainian President Zelensky to call for an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

“I’ve read everything that’s been put out and there’s been no laws broken,” he said.

Alaska’s junior Sen. Dan Sullivan has also read the evidence and questions the severity of the president's conduct. “I’ve read all of this, including the transcript, it certainly does not rise to the level of impeachment,” he said on Tuesday.

KHNS, a public radio station in Southeast Alaska, reported that Sullivan delivered the comments in Haines at a Legion of Honor luncheon. He said the transcript of the president’s conversations do not show a quid pro quo.

“Would I use the exact language that the President uses on some of these calls? You know, probably not,” Sullivan said.

For Alaska’s senior Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the focus should be on the process of investigating the president.

Murkowski made comments on the inquiry last week at the 2019 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference, an event that gathers health care professionals and executives to discuss health policy in the state

“Before there has been any considered review, the people have decided,” she said.

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