JBER hosts National Guard 'Wargaming' scenarios

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Anchorage The Alaska National Guard, military leaders at JBER, along with representatives from both federal and state agencies met to develop "wargaming scenarios" that will help identify gaps in emergency response.

"The reason we're having this exercise is to validate whether we have gaps in our ability to keep Alaskans safe and secure in case of an event like this," said Maj. Gen Laurie Hummel.

Inside the JBER National Guard Armory, all in attendance discussed and debated the best possible way to address a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear event.

The groups involved collaborate and look at both what they need to respond effectively. Using these wargaming scenarios, they're able to learn not only the areas that they are strong in with regards to responding, but also identify areas that need improvement.

Once completed, they can make requests to bring in what they need for a better safety structure in Alaska. According to Maj. Gen. Hummel added that Alaska is the first state to develop and execute a local level wargame with other agencies to specifically identify a perceived capability gap in emergency response.

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