Jack White Realtor backs Butte area residents saying 'junk yard' impacts property values

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A realtor with Jack White Real Estate is backing Butte area residents’ concerns that what he calls a “junk yard” property has a significantly negative impact on property values.

This comes after the Mat-Su Borough Board of Equalization told residents they couldn’t help, citing active market activity in the area – that they lacked evidence showing the subject property devalues homes in adjacent areas.

Patti Huntsman owns and operates Horse Haven Ranch, located just south of the subject property on Bodenburg Loop. She says she's lost thousands of dollars every year since 2015, after people stopped renting out cabins on her property.

"It used to be people would come out and say, 'Oh, we've never been on Bodenburg Loop. It's so amazing! It's so beautiful!'” Huntsman said. “And now, a lot of the time, as soon as they get to his place they turn around, and call me and say, 'We're really not interested.'"

Jack White Real Estate's Jamey Wood shared a statement with Channel 2 that he sent to Mat-Su Borough officials, saying quote, “The condition of the subject property has virtually left these properties unsalable. I would estimate at least a 50 percent negative monetary impact on the sale of these properties."

Borough Development Services manager Alex Strawn says the Borough does have an open case against the subject property, and in mid-May will travel there with the Department of Environmental Conservation to investigate “what looks to be a high probability of contamination of the ground through leaking vehicles and spilled fluids.”

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