Jet boat passengers rescue missing dog

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- A jet boat company gave passengers a ride to remember and a reunion for one Anchorage woman who wasn’t even on the boat.

Last week, around 40 people were taking a cruise down the Chulitna Gorge with Mahay’s Jet Boat Adventure out of Talkeetna when someone shouted, “wolf!”

“I hear a client say ‘hey wolf’ and I’m like ‘oh my gosh’ I was super exited,” said jet boat captain Israel Mahay. “It’s pretty uncommon to see wolves, if somebody sees a wolf it’s usually a coyote.”

Mahay turned the boat around. That’s when he said a young girl called out that the animal had a collar on it, that’s when everyone on board realized it was a dog stranded on a high cliff.

“There were like 42 people on board and we were like ‘we have to save this dog,” said Mahay.

Mahay said the dog was on a rock cliff looking cold and shaking. Eventually the dog was brought on the boat, jumping into the arms of a woman passenger who held the dog until they were back on land.

Turns out, the dog had been missing since June 11, nearly 15 days. The dog tags said her name was Bijou and that she was deaf. Mahay believes the pup was lost somewhere around mile 133 of the Parks Highway.

Bijou was shortly picked up by her owner who jumped in her car and drove immediately to Talkeetna from Anchorage. Mahay said the owner thought her dog was lost forever.

“The owner was so excited, Alice [with Mahay’s Jet Boat Adventure] said she was crying when she got there,” said Mahay who called the experience special. “We thought we were all a part of it to be honest with you. We kind of, I don’t know, helped this dog, we got it back to its owner, it’s pretty cool.”

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