Joe Biden wins Alaska's first Democratic Presidential Primary

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — 55 percent of Alaska Democrats who voted in the Alaska Democratic Party's first Presidential Primary picked Joe Biden, with Bernie Sanders coming in second with 44 percent of the vote in the ranked-choice ballot.

19,759 Alaskans cast their votes in the primary — nearly double the total number of Democratic caucus participants in 2016 according to ADP.

Joe Biden received 10,834 votes and nine delegates.

Bernie Sanders received 8,755 votes and eight delegates.

Under the ranked-choice ballot system, voters chose their top five candidates in the order of their preference.

Candidates who failed to reach 15 percent of overall voter support were eliminated in the first round, and any votes they received rolled over to the voter's next choice, repeating until the ballot is exhausted or a majority of voters land on a viable candidate, according to ADP.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) suspended his campaign on Wednesday.

AP reported that Sanders' name would remain on the ballot in states that have not yet held primaries so he can gain more delegates and “exert significant influence” on the Democratic platform.

The Alaska Democratic Party will hold the second stage of its nominating process in virtual caucuses on April 18 in each of Alaska's 40 House Districts.

The party's statewide convention, originally scheduled for May 15-16 in Fairbanks, will also be held online.

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