Johnson’s Tire Service building goes up for sale

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - About three months after Johnson Tire Service abruptly went out of business, its building in Midtown is now officially up for sale.

Northrim Bank acquired the building about a week after Johnson’s went out of business in late October, and now their credit administration department is handling the sale.

According to Northrim marketing and sales manager Jared Shary, the Denali Street building is currently listed at $10.9 million. He says the bank has already showed the building to a number of potential buyers, but declined to say how many.

"We’ve been showing it to a variety of businesses," Shary said. "It’s a really great location and a very large building in Midtown, so we think that it could be beneficial for a variety of businesses."

Johnson’s Tire Service's sudden closure meant that many former customers were unable to retrieve their tires and other personal property from inside the locked building. Northrim says they’ve been able to return almost all of those items to their respective owners, but some items have yet to be reclaimed.

"We returned tires to everyone we could. We still are storing some, just in case some people didn’t get their tires back," Shary said. "If you think that you may still have tires at the Johnson’s building, contact the attorney general’s office. We’ll be working with them to coordinate the rest of the returns."

Since acquiring the building, the bank has liquidated much of the automotive equipment that was inside, but they’re still looking to sell a number of other items, including a shuttle bus.

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