Judge denies motion for an expedited hearing for a lawsuit against Juneau special session location

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A Superior Court judge has denied a motion for an expedited hearing for a lawsuit regarding the location of Alaska's second special session.

Judge Michael MacDonald of Fairbanks denied the motion Friday. Former state Republican Rep. Al Vezey sued leaders of the Alaska House of Representatives and Senate, claiming they violated state law by meeting in Juneau instead of Wasilla.

Vezey claims that House Speaker Bryce Edgmon and Senate President Cathy Giessel should have called the Legislature into session at Wasilla, the location designated by Gov. Mike Dunleavy for a special session.

Edgmon, an independent, and Giessel, a Republican, say they legal advice supporting their claim that its the Legislature’s call to decide where it will convene.

Vezey is looking for a declaratory judgment to make the Juneau session invalid.

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