Juneteenth celebration in Anchorage commemorates black history

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Folks from all ethnicities gathered at the Park Strip in Anchorage to celebrate Juneteenth Saturday. It's an annual celebration in honor of the end of slavery, while also highlighting the African American culture.

Historically, the Juneteenth celebration began in Texas to commemorate the ending of slavery in 1863. On Saturday, event organizers hosted entertainment for kids, vendors, a basketball tournament and food to help remember the historic day as a community.

"When we come together to celebrate the freedom from slavery, we are bringing about a conscious awakening about how it took place," said Edward Wesley, who attended the Juneteenth celebration. "We are also eliminating the ignorance and enlightening our people about the history. we are arousing apathy for people to get involved and do more to bring about change in the community."

The event continues Sunday with an interfaith celebration.

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