Kenai River fishing is slow now, but runs should come in soon

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) Matt Miller, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Region II Management Coordinator, says that fishing on the Kenai is a bit slow right now.

"Conditions on the Kenai River right now are pretty tough,” Miller says. “The water's pretty high, and there's a lot of debris in the water, so it's making it tough to find the fish and they're not seeing it."

When you compare this year's return numbers to previous years, it's not very surprising that we haven't seen large movements of sockeye and chinooks yet. Fish and Game say previous patterns suggest that this and next weekend will have a much higher number of reds and kings moving through.

“This coming weekend will probably be a pretty big fishery,” Miller says. “This and next week will be a really popular time to go down and participate in that Kenai River personal use fishery going for sockeye salmon."

If you are planning on going fishing this weekend, note the limits on kings and reds. Kings must be caught without bait and are limited to one of any size from the mouth of the Kenai to Slikok Creek or 36 inches or less past there.

The limit for reds on the Kenai is three per day, six in possession.

King season ends on the Kenai after July 31, but reds will continue to run through early to mid-August.

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