Ketchikan community comes together to remember local pilot

Wreckage recovery of the planes involved in a deadly mid-air collision in Ketchikan
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KETCHIKAN (KTUU) - Since the tragic collision between two float planes earlier this week in southeast Alaska, the community of Ketchikan has come together over the loss of one of their own, local tour pilot, Randy Sullivan.

“Ketchikan is a real tight community. Something like this happens and everybody feels it, even if they didn’t really know him personally,” said local business owner, Carlos Sepulveta. “But since it’s a small community, everybody knew somebody at some point, it’s been a little bit rough. Unfortunately when something like this happens, that’s when you see how close this community is.”

Sepulveta’s bar is just one of a long list of businesses in Ketchikan that are now raising money to assist the Sullivan family. Locals have also organized a memorial fly-by in Downtown Ketchikan, scheduled for Saturday, May 18 at 6:30 p.m. in honor of Sullivan.

Currently, Red Cross disaster relief teams are also deployed in Ketchikan to provide support for community members that have been affected by the crash.

“We are such a tight small community, almost anyone in the community is going to have a connection to someone involved in this particular disaster,” said Red Cross Ketchikan community volunteer leader, Pam Roth. “This is something that is affecting us locally, and because of the attention, there's maybe even more need here for the emotional support and the help in Ketchikan.”

The NTSB has said it will release a preliminary report of their findings on the crash within the next 2 weeks.

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