Ketchikan's cupid spreads thousands of Valentines Day letters

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KETCHIKAN (KTUU) A woman in Ketchikan says she has spread over 1500 Valentines Day letters across the coastal community.

Jessica Mathews says she took a TED Talk idea and brought it to Alaska.

The letters were hung in various public areas, stuck on car windshields, and delivered to local charities.

“We’ve had school kids who did pastel watercolors, people who did them on sticky notes and old discarded valentines,” Mathews said Wednesday. “People wrote beautiful love letters, some put bible verses and others included quotes from inspirational leaders.”

Mathews plans to spend her valentines collecting whatever litter might result from the event.

“We did an amazing bunch of work.” She added. “We started this in January and it took one month to spread goodwill.”

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