Kikkan Randall reflects on what motivated her to go for gold

Kikkan Randall reflects on her gold medal moment, and what drove her to keep chasing that goal. NBC photo.
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A lot of people may become discouraged when they find that something they want to do has never been done before. The second man on the moon surely gained some confidence knowing that it had been done before, that it was possible.

In Olympian and Anchorage skier Kikkan Randall's case, her "moon landing" moment was winning Olympic gold in United States cross country skiing.

Instead of seeing the unprecedented nature of such a feat as a negative, or becoming demoralized due to the fact that no one had done it before, Randall said Thursday that fact was what stoked her fire all these years.

"When I was a teenager, and first getting involved in cross country skiing, I thought it was so cool that here was a sport, where no American woman had ever won an Olympic medal," Randall said in an interview the following day. "History was waiting to be written."

Randall jokingly said she didn't think it would take five Olympics for that goal to become real, but was thankful that they were able to execute a racing plan that turned into a golden cross country performance.

After that goal was accomplished, a goal that Randall had chased ever since she first picked up the skis as a teen, she ran to her teammate Jessie Diggins and, overcome with emotions, tackled her. The rest is history.