Lawmakers approve $3.5 million for renovation projects at Anchorage LIO building

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) The Legislative Council passed a motion Thursday approving $3.5 million to be spent on renovations to their new office building on Benson and Minnesota Drive in Anchorage.

Democratic Representative Sam Kito III is the chairman of the Legislative Council. In a phone interview Saturday afternoon, he said the money would be used to bring some of the buildings features up to code.

“The building was suitable for occupancy but in order to meet the needs of the legislature has some renovations that need to take place. That renovation work is beginning with this $3.5 million to do core and shell renovations as well build the LIO component to the space,” he said.

The renovations will include heating upgrades, ventilation, electrical and plumbing projects, according to the lawmaker.

The Representative said the discussion over the funds was made during an executive session, “any discussion that has to do with the finances of the state of Alaska it is advised we go into an executive session to discuss those things.”

Representative Kito described the expense as reasonable,"we no longer have a rental payment of $4.5 million dollars a year for the old Anchorage LIO and this building did require some renovations in order to be fully usable for the public," he said.

Construction is scheduled to begin soon, according to Representative Kito.

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