Local Group takes Alaskan Vets Ice Fishing

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- The "Hardwater Warriors" are a local group that focus on providing veterans and injured soldiers in Alaska with opportunities to go ice fishing. In three years of operation, more than 340 veterans have taken fishing trips with the organization.

This weekend at least 50 more joined the Hardwater Warriors at Wasilla Lake, braving temperatures near zero to drop their line in the water.
Jeremiah Frye is one of the event organizers for group, and like many of the other volunteers, Frye is a veteran himself.

"People come to Alaska and it's cold, it's dark... this is an opportunity for the families to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors," said Frye, "We have a lot of sponsors that help us make this happen as well, and we provide everything that our vets need to come out with thier kids and enjoy a day on the lake."

Some of those sponsors include Cabela's and Sportman's Warehouse, who pitch in to help the Hardwater Warriors making sure that everything from rods to bait is provided.

The group hosts about 10 events a year, future dates for 2019 have not been announced.

The Hardwater Warriors nonprofit is a part of the Alaska's Healing Hearts organization which offers outdoor recreational opportunities for Vets and injured soldiers throughout the year.

You can learn more by visiting the Hardwater Warrior facebook page:
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