Local business surveillance video captures person digging up, taking flowers

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - J.D. McManis’ flowers have had a tough past few weeks.

Surveillance footage shows a woman unearthing flowers and taking them with her. (Courtesy: Debra Marquardt)

McManis is an accountant and maintenance man for Arctic Circle Enterprises. He takes pride in his work around the building on the corner of Spenard Road and Wyoming Drive in Anchorage.

In the past two weeks, surveillance video captured a woman pulling up and digging up a few of the flowers at the front of the building.

He said 36 hours later, another video captures a man and a woman who appeared to be yelling at one another. The surveillance tape then shows the woman pulling flowers out and throwing them on the ground.

He said on Sunday morning, another woman pulls up and digs up flowers to take with her.

“We’ll have none left if this keeps up,” he said.

Bell’s Nursery in Anchorage said that flower theft has been a growing issue.

“It gets more so every year, there are more and more stories,” said master gardener in-training Donald Straight. “I don’t know if there is a lack of funds on their part, it’s hard to say, of all things to steal, they steal plants? It’ doesn’t make any sense. If you’re hungry and you steal food I understand that. But plants? I don’t get it.”

McManis said that he often has to deal with people vandalizing his building. On a tour around the property, he pointed out where he often finds people sleeping and loitering. He also said that every morning, there is plenty of trash and even used syringes left around the building.

But, he said, the videos of the people digging up flowers especially gets to him.

“That one was especially,” he said. “Here’s someone who doesn’t appear to need to do what she did, but still felt she was entitled to help herself to our flowers.”

McManis said that he will have to decide if next season if there will be any flowers in the bed.

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