Local group works to safely house LGBTQ youth in Alaska

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - On the surface, it's normal Wednesday night for the Presler household. But Teagan and Justin are in between preparations for dinner, they talk with guests Amy Kelley and Julia Terry. Terry is from Choosing Our Roots, an organization that recruits willing host homes to safely house homeless, vulnerable youth from Anchorage's LGBTQ community.

Amy Kelley became homeless in 2019, at the age of nineteen. Now 20, she and the Preslers are one of five matches made by Choosing Our Roots (or 'COR' for short) in the last month. Amy also happens to serve on as a board member for Choosing Our Roots, which provided KTUU with the following data regarding their work in the community:

-14 active participants (5 housed, 9 awaiting host homes)
- Of the youth served so far, 50% are people of color, 71% of which are Alaska Native
-An additional 11 eligible youth have been identified but are not yet participating in COR programs due to personal circumstances or living in an area outside of our current services.

The Preslers and the 4 other host homes that are actively participating in this program have attended a mandatory two-day training session. Choosing Our Roots shares information about upcoming training here.

There's more information available online at Choosing Our Roots'swebsite.

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