Loussac Library contractor requests more money for renovation project from city

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ANCHORAGE, AK (KTUU) A contractor behind the Loussac Library renovation projects wants the city to pay extra money for the work.

The project is mostly complete, aside from remaining tile work.

The city said the original contract was for $13.5 million, but there were changes raising it to $15 million.

Now through a claim for additional compensation and equitable adjustment of the contract, Pinnacle Construction wants another $1.6 million.

The work was to be completed by April of last year, but there were delays.

Assistant Municipal Attorney Robert Owens said the city has around 60 days to respond to the claim.

"Basically we have two responsibilities here," Owens said. "One is that under the contract, we need to be sure that we pay vendors what they're entitled to. And secondly we have to be careful about the public resources, so we're trying to balance that and do it in a responsible way. We're cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to accomplish that without litigation."

Earlier this week, Pinnacle told Channel 2 it did not have a comment at the time. And the company did not immediately return phone calls on Thursday.

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