Love conquers coronavirus: Husband visits wife daily through nursing home window

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The coronavirus has no power over a man who takes to heart “until death do us part” in the face of a pandemic.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic Dr. John Kline spends about 15 minutes a day at the window of his wife's nursing home. (Source: WSFA)

Ann Kline has battled Alzheimer’s for 17 years and is now a resident at John Knox Manor nursing home in Montgomery, Alabama. Her husband, John Kline, visits her every day through the screen window of her room.

“You know you keep going as long as you can. Perseverance,” said Dr. John Kline.

John Kline is a living testimony of what perseverance looks like in practice.
With the help of the facility administrator, Terri Howell, John Kline came up with a novel idea to get around social distancing guidelines.

“And so he doesn’t want her to forget him, and it’s very important for him to be here singing so she doesn’t lose her ability to do that. He was the first to start it at John Knox," Howell said.

On Friday, just like he did the day before, John Kline stood at the window of his wife’s room, and they sang their favorite songs together.

“Let’s sing Jesus Loves Me,” John said to Ann, who was sitting in a wheelchair about 13 feet. Ann Kline had a slight smile as her husband sang to her. Both are 80 years old.

“She still knows me and she keeps talking.. 'my John, my John, my John,” he said.

John Kline spends about 15 minutes a day at the window talking to his wife. He says he’ll come back tomorrow and then the next day. Not even the coronavirus can break the bond - a marriage that’s lasted 45 years and counting.

“I’m just excited to come here every day,” he said.

It’s a love affair that shows no sign of abating.

“I think you’re beautiful,” he told his wife through the window screen.

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