MLK Fire caused by human activity, according to Division of Forestry investigators

Aerial view of MLK Fire (Photo by Division of Forestry)
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The Division of Forestry says that the 25-acre MLK fire was human caused “based on the amount of human activity in the area,” according to a spokesperson.

“The specific cause is yet unknown,” said Tim Mowry of the Division of Forestry.

That means it could have been a campfire smoldering from weeks before, a cigarette butt tossed on the ground, an arsonist, or any other reason. But for now the exact cause is unknown, and it could stay that way. Mowry said that these sort of investigations can last “quite a long time.”

The fire, which grew to 25 acres on July 2, is now contained.

The Division of Forestry’s conclusion is also based on the lack of other natural causes of fire in that time and place, namely lightning.

“We don’t believe there’s any volcanic activity in that area,” said Anchorage Fire Department Assistant Chief Alex Boyd.

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