MOA says plow crews are working around the clock after holiday, stream of snowy days

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The snow has been coming down for days in Anchorage, making for some seriously slick streets and lots of work for municipality plow teams, and some neighborhoods are still waiting to see their streets cleared.


"This is day four after a major snowfall," said Anchorage resident Kevin French. "We have more snow coming down right now, so I want my roads plowed so that if something were to happen to me and my family, and anyone else's family in this area, that we can get out safely without worrying about this. And that's not a reality right now."

While crashes could be spotted around town on several major roadways - those streets had been plowed early in the series of heavy snowfall days - many members of the public expressed concern over the lack of snow plows on smaller city streets.

The first thing you can check out if you're wondering where the Municipality of Anchorage plows have been is this map, which shows by neighborhood where plows have been and where they're working. The map does not show what specific areas are next, but does show whether your block is supposed to be plowed on the first, second or third day of a plow out.

Like the State of Alaska Department of Transportation plowing map, main streets come first, and smaller roads are addressed after those are completed. If enough new snow comes down on the larger streets, plow crews head back there to make sure they're cleaned before they can complete plowing in residential areas.

Some callers even said they'd never seen Anchorage's streets this bad for so long before, but MOA officials said Friday that plowing crews are working around the clock to get to streets all around town. New snow, trash days, and the holiday this past week caused a backlog of jobs. In West Anchorage, all three of those things affected the schedule - Friday is trash day in one of those sections - which left some residents waiting longer than usual.

"We had back-to-back snowfalls right there," said Paul Vanlandingham of the Municipality of Anchorage Street Maintenance Departmen. "That would've been Monday night, Tuesday morning. It snowed, and we plowed all our arterials and collectors, which takes about a ten-hour time frame.

"And then it snowed again," he said, "so we had to stay on those (main streets). So we didn't get into residential plowing - the plow-out did not start - until Wednesday afternoon."

Vanlandingham said snow plows should be getting to all the unaddressed areas as soon as Anchorage sees a bit of a break in snowy weather, which could come as soon as this weekend. He has the same number of staff as usual out plowing, he said, which hasn't changed in a number of years.

"It is going to be slow going," he said. "It is going to be wet, heavy snowfall, but we'll continue to work around the clock."

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