Australia's Irwins spark animal-loving Wish Kid to venture Down Under

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ANCHORAGE, (KTUU) - During the month of April, we are featuring an organization that helps kids forget about chronic illness.

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Make-A-Wish helped Moriah Anderson have a bright moment while dealing with her recovery from cancer, and sunny Australia was the perfect place to spend her Make-A-Wish family vacation.

Moriah Anderson says, "It was just really nice to get a break from everything"

After battling a rare form of leukemia and spending a long time in the hospital, Anderson and her family were ready for a little sunshine. Once she finished treatment at Providence Hospital, she was ready to put her illness behind her and focus on happier times.

"I've just wanted to go there for a while," Anderson said.

Sparked by her love for the animal-loving TV family, the Irwins, it became her dream to seek out some of Australia's most beloved animals herself.

"I wanted to hold a koala and pet the kangaroos," she said.

Make-A-Wish was able to send her family all the way Down Under to the Australia Zoo and to explore Brisbane.

Moriah’s mother Kristine Anderson, says the best part was enjoying some quality time, medicine-free, on the beach.

She says, "It was just really good for us to leave the illness and the stress behind and just to be able to enjoy time together as a family.”

Kristine says Make-A-Wish gave her daughter and her family the chance of a lifetime, to forget about the tough times cancer brought them and to focus on spending time together as a family.

"I think Make-A-Wish brings a level of healing that goes beyond just the physical and it is not just for the wish child, you know the family goes through an awful lot too."

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