Man arrested on Eielson Air Force Base for assault of woman, young girls, troopers say

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTUU) - A man was arrested on Eielson Air Force Base over the weekend, for allegedly assaulting a woman, and two of three young children also present in the home.

The attack, as laid out in charging documents, took the form of punching and elbowing victims in the head, as well as forcing a child onto their knees and racking a round into the chamber of a loaded handgun.

The suspect, Don Brown, was consequently arrested and remains in custody at Fairbanks Correctional Center. The victims were treated for their head and face wounds at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

Due to the nature of domestic violence in the report, the victim's name, as well as the names of the three minors, will be withheld from this story. For clarity, the three children will be identified as child 1 (13 years old), child 2 (10 years old), and child 3 (6 years old).

The incident began on Saturday, Jan. 5. Brown was home with a woman and three children, when he reportedly left to go get a haircut. According to AIFB public affairs, Brown is a civilian contractor living on base, and not an enlisted or commissioned officer.

When Brown returned from his haircut, he was described as being intoxicated to the point where he was "unable to stand up" and that his breath "smelled like liquor."

It was at this point where Brown's actions turned violent, according to the affidavit from an Alaska State Trooper who conducted interviews with the victims.

Brown allegedly began by grabbing child 1 by the hair and dragging her to a wall. In an interview with AST, child 1 rated this pain as a 2 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Brown then punched child 2, a 10-year-old girl, in the face repeatedly, approximately five times in total, according to the victim interview. Child 2 rated that pain as a 10 on the same scale.

The woman tried to leave to get help, but was punched in the head, falling to the floor. The woman rated the pain from this as an 8. After falling down, she was able to escape to a neighbor to get help.

During the time she was gone, Brown allegedly then told child 1 and child 2 to go to the basement. Child 3, the 6-year-old, went upstairs to pack. The woman returned from calling for help, and was locked in the garage by Brown.

Brown then told child 2 to go back upstairs with child 3, and allegedly elbowed her in the head repeatedly upon doing so. Child 1, the 13-year-old, was left in the basement, where Brown went to unlock the gun safe, retrieving a handgun from it.

Child 1 told troopers that she heard Brown order her onto her knees, and heard him pull the slide of a handgun back, chambering a round. She told troopers she thought Brown was going to shoot and kill her.

At this point, according to the affidavit, the woman escaped through the garage door, and child 1 came screaming from the basement. Brown's coworkers arrived and took the pistol out of his hands.

Alaska State Troopers as well as Eielson Security Forces arrived at the scene and took Brown into custody. He was charged with five counts of assault, as well as misconduct with a weapon.

The woman, as well as the three children, were taken to the hospital.