Anchorage man convicted for illegal firearm possession in gunfight

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - After a three-day federal trial an Anchorage man is sentenced to no more than 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Antoni Peralta, age 33, was found guilty on Sept. 6, of illegal possession of a firearm that he used in a gunfight back in December 2016, according to a news release from the US district attorney of Alaska.

In the initial trial, evidence showed that Peralta was in a confrontation with a man while in a bar in Anchorage in 2016. When he left, the release says the court found he turned down Donna Road because Peralta thought he was being followed.

From here, the release says a gunfight broke out between Peralta and men in a black-and-white SUV on Donna Road. Peralta was struck by a bullet and managed to crawl to the steps of a nearby home where officers found him.

The officers sent Peralta to hospital for treatment before searching his vehicle, where they found a pistol with one bullet in it and a spare magazine which had more ammunition in it.

Before the events of the December 2016 shooting, Peralta racked up five prior convictions, according to the release. His crimes included robbery, vehicle theft, felon in possession of firearm, and not stopping when a police officer directed him to.

The release says his former robbery charge is from 2005, and resulted in a dangerous series of events.

Peralta was involved in a shooting at the Dimond Center Mall in 2005 that resulted in one person dying. After the shooting, the release says he hid out in a Wasilla home for multiple days before he was discovered by law enforcement along with eight other people.

From there, Peralta and all eight people hiding with him got into an SUV and drove away. The driver decided to pull over for the authorities, but as he stopped, Peralta shoved the driver out and resumed a high speed car chase that went on for over 20 miles.

Eventually, officers used spike strips to stop Peralta, where they found the six other passengers, one of whom was a baby.

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