Mayor Berkowitz talks positive outlook moving forward with Phase 3

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 2:05 PM AKDT
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On Friday, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz held another community update on COVID-19, while also addressing the recent sale of Municipal Light and Power.

The mayor broke down the numbers that see 213 confirmed cases in the

, with 186 recovered cases and 21 active cases of the coronavirus.

“We need to maintain the physical distancing that’s kept us safe, use face coverings when were are in settings where there are a lot of people... maintain the hygiene, the handwashing, it makes a big difference,” said Berkowitz.

The MOA is currently in Phase 3: Maintenance of its


What this means is most businesses can open. The MOA is still encouraging social distancing and having businesses keep up high cleaning standards.

The municipality says large events of more than 500 people are still prohibited unless permission has been granted by the municipality's Health Department.

Berkowitz also talked about how the MOA would respond if the state’s Health Mandate 010 would expire.

which calls for a 14-day quarantine for anyone entering the state.

“The Anchorage decision about the quarantine, the travel quarantine, is going to be dependent a lot on what the state ops to do...I encourage the state to continue the quarantine,” said Berkowitz. “It has kept us safe.”

Berkowitz says the MOA’s decision would be based on “the amount of spread we are getting. It’s going to based on the precautions the state has put in place in terms of screening people at the airport” among other things.

However, the municipality's

states that Anchorage will continue to require a 14-day travel quarantine regardless of "changes to or suspensions of Health Mandate 10."

Berkowitz also took some time during the first few minutes and the back half of the press conference to talk about the death of George Floyd.

Floyd was a black man seen in a video being killed by

“APD would never do anything like was shown in that video,” Berkowitz said.

Berkowitz said the death of Floyd was a tragedy.

“We have to do better, we have to do the things that bring people together,” said Berkowitz. “Those who are driving wedges now do a disservice to this country. It is not patriotic to try and put down other people. It is not patriotic to say you are going to shoot looters… it is a disservice.”

There is a protest scheduled for Saturday in Anchorage the mayor says. He clarified the protest as not being against the Anchorage Police Department but against what is going on in the Lower 48.

You can watch the full press conference on KTUU's

or in the video below.

Happening Now: Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz to give community update about COVID-19 and ML&P sale

Posted by Channel 2 News, on Friday, May 29, 2020

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