Alaska mayor charged with paying woman $400 via Facebook for 'just sex'

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KLAWOCK, Alaska (KTUU) - The mayor of a small Alaska town has been charged with soliciting prostitution, after he allegedly admitted to paying a woman $400 over Facebook messenger to have sex with him.

Lawrence Armour, 37, is currently listed as the Mayor of Klawock. He was charged earlier this month with criminal prostitution in Prince of Wales district court, after Craig police reported he admitted to the act during questioning.

According to court documents, the Craig Police Department was contacted on Jan. 1, and was told Armour was "messaging a local resident, via Facebook Messenger asking her for sexual favors, in return for money," Chief of Craig Police, RJ Ely, wrote in a probable cause statement.

According to the statement, Armour first asked the woman to come to his residence for "Just Sex," but later stated to her, "I will pay."

In the Facebook Messenger conversation, Armour said he would withdraw $400, and gave the woman his address.

According to the charging document, the woman then asked him to send the $400 via Facebook Messenger instead, with a credit card, before she went to his house.

Authorities say he made the payment at 6:21 a.m. on Jan. 1. On Jan. 7, Armour was summoned to the Craig Police Department, where he was interviewed for these allegations.

Armour reportedly admitted to sending the woman $400 for sex, though "he indicated that he initially was just hoping she would come over to his residence and he'd pay the cab fare."

He told police that he sent the $400 over Facebook, but that she did not come to his house. In the document, Chief Ely wrote the emotional state Armour displayed at this time.

"The defendant was remorseful and indicated that he had been drinking, prior to the Facebook interaction and he had made a mistake," the report states.

Chief Ely told Channel 2 that the person who reported the crime was a third party, and not the woman referred to in the affidavit as being paid the $400.

KTUU has reached out to Armour, and the Klawock Mayor's Office and Klawock City Hall. So far, Armour has not responded for comment. A receptionist at City Hall told KTUU that, as far as they are aware, he has not resigned, and remains the town's mayor.

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