Midtown traffic project asks for community input

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Finding a way for smoother traffic flow, easier access for pedestrians and shorter delays, the Midtown Congestions Relief Plan through the Department of Transportation is working to find solutions to some of these issues.

Project manager, Sean Holland said, the Seward Highway has some of the longest delays and highest crash rates in the state.

Holland said the focus is the area surrounding the Seward Highway, from Tudor Road interchange to 20th Avenue.

Holland said, traffic driving through neighborhoods to avoid the highway is one of the identified problems.

"A lot of traffic will drive through neighborhood streets rather than use the highway and that is not the way we want them to function, we want the traffic to use the highway," Holland said.

Steve Aufrecht said he would like to see Midtown have biker friendly options.

"Getting across the Seward Highway is tricky on a bike. People want to turn right as you trying to turn your bike, as it says walk," Aufrecht said.

Holland said it would be 2020, at the earliest, before any major changes were made to the area. Approximately $8M has been allocated through state funds for the pre-construction phase.

The is asking for public input for the project.

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