Mission Complete: Team Rubicon finishes first wildfire mitigation operation

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Kalinda Kindle Alaska's Team Rubicon partnered with the Anchorage Fire Department to sharpen their sawyer skills and help prevent wildfires.

Over the weekend, civilian and veteran members of Team Rubicon learned how to use chainsaws safely and effectively by removing trees that are potentially dangerous and high risk during a wildfire.

Dave Story, a Team Rubicon volunteer and instructor, says about 30 volunteers took the chainsaw class and completed the mission to help protect homes and people from the chance of a fire spreading through an Eagle River neighborhood.

"We have people who have never touched a chainsaw before and people who have experience in fire departments," said Story.

John See, an Anchorage Fire Department Forester, says Team Rubicon is a critical resource to the Anchorage Fire Department and the Team steps up and completes needed projects.

"Alaska has a fire-dependent ecosystem. Alaska's black spruce depends on wildfire. The seeds activate in a wildfire," See said.

See says the trees in the neighborhood were entering an overdense stage and needed to be thinned.

John Capua, a homeowner in the Eagle River neighborhood, said he is thankful for Team Rubicon's help in making the area significantly more safe.

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