Anchorage mom uses blasts of sound to grab attention of 'fast drivers'

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU)- One Anchorage mom is taking an unusual approach to address traffic safety in her neighborhood. "People drive by and they are so busy on their phones or what appears to be their phone that they are clueless," Denise Buck said.

On a Sunday afternoon, Buck sits in a lawn chair watching while several neighborhood kids play outside.

Buck said her busy Southside neighborhood off Brayton Drive gets a lot of cars cutting through streets — many with drivers speeding, texting and not paying attention.

Buck said she has thought of an unusual approach to grab drivers attention. "I am going to use the air horn on drivers that drive too fast."

Ava Salkoski is a 5th grader in the neighborhood and said she worries about safety when riding her bike or going for a walk with friends."It is kind of scary knowing some cars go pretty fast. It just kinda worries me...because I don't want to get injured," said Salkoski.

In 2016, members of the community council say the neighborhood petitioned for a speed suppression study. Which monitors traffic and needs through residential areas.

AJ Salkoski said the neighborhood does not have sidewalks."We have asked to put speed bumps in place and there are signs and things that say slow down for kids but people don't want to seem to slow their cars down," he said.

Lee Butterfield, a concerned neighbor said this isn't a new problem.
"People coming around the corners or coming up hills and if people are crossing the street, there is no way for them to know if a car is coming or not," said Butterfield.

The Anchorage Police Department recommends calling 311, its new non-emergency line to file driver complaints. APD says they'll need details about what happened along with the license plate number and a description of the driver, if available.

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