Momma O’s closes after being open for almost 40 years

Momma O's closes its doors. This is a photo of the inside of the restaurant. (KTUU Staff)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) — Another Anchorage food landmark has closed its doors for good.

Momma O’s Seafood Restaurant announced it was permanently closing the restaurant on Monday.

"I definitely feel bad because it is an icon of Anchorage, it's just times have changed. This was definitely an unfortunate situation, not something someone can plan for," said Janice Johnson, owner of Momma O’s and Jackie’s Place.

Johnson says Momma O’s opened in 1981. Over the years it became known for its fried halibut.

As local businesses started to open up following a Municipality of Anchorage mandate going into effect allowing non-essential businesses to reopen, Johnson says things started to not look good for the business.

"In the summer with the tourist not coming up here, they are not sure how much fish is going to cost right now," Johnson said. "There is just so many unknowns."

Johnson is also the owner of Jackie’s Place which is located across from Momma O’s.

"Kinda counting on the summer here in Alaska, it's going to take its toll on a lot of businesses here I think, and Momma O's will definitely be missed," Johnson said. "The people that frequent there will be missed as well. It's a sad day really.”

Recently another Anchorage staple “The Last Frontier Bar” announced it was closing its doors.

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