Nap time for mother moose and twins

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Wildlife sightings are more common this time of year. A KTUU viewer sent in some precious video caught by a remote camera.

Moose Mom_twins_Jean Corbin 6-5-18

A cow moose and her twins showed up at 5:30 Tuesday morning, hanging out in the yard of Jean and John Corbin. The mother moose is keeping watch while the little calves walk around and explore the grounds a bit.

Finally, with the babies asleep in the woods nearby, the cow takes the opportunity to get some needed rest as well.

Remember to give plenty of space to local wildlife, especially when there are babies involved.

The Corbin’s wireless camera picked up the scene just a few feet away. Jean says “It was pure luck that the mama moose decided to lay down right in front of the camera, which is mounted on a tree. We got a ton of 10-second clips that morning.”

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