Two new champs and two reigning champs in Mount Marathon Race

Allie Ostrander and Scott Patterson (Women's and Men's Mount Marathon Champions 2017)

SEWARD, Alaska (KTUU) - Every Fourth of July the eyes of the Alaska sporting world fall on Seward.

The 90th Mt. Marathon was a buzz as Allie Ostrander returned to the seaside town to capture her first ever Women's crown, with a time of 49:19.

“It was obviously a brutal race. Mt. Marathon has a way of testing you in a way no other race can," said Ostrander at the finish line.

This win did not come easy for Ostrander, as she was up against Olympic skier Morgan Arritola, who finished second, and defending Women’s champ Christy Marvin who finished third.

This June, the Boise State Track and Field star won a NCAA national championship in Women's steeplechase, but she said this victory was much more personal.

“This race it was for Alaska," said Ostrander. "I’m just happy with this be apart of this tradition, and finally being able to get a win."

Speaking of tradition, it was another Alaska Pacific University Nordic Skier capturing the men's race this year. Anchorage's Scott Patterson taking home the title in just his second race with a time of 44:30.

While he says it not the biggest sporting event he has ever won, it's definitely the most popular.

“I mean the notoriety is bigger than any ski race I’ll ever do, for Alaska this is awesome," said Patterson after cruising his way to the finish line. "I mean I wish I could have set a faster time, but it wasn’t in me today."

The next closest Men's finisher was Erik Johnson with a time of 45:22.

While the men's and women's races had a couple of first time champs. It was defending champs dominating the way the in the juniors division.

Luke Jager winning the boys race with a time of 29:09 for his third straight year.

"It’s special every single year. Still it’s something that you can go into it the mindset that it’s going to happen again because it’s so unpredictable," said an excited Jager at the finish line.

In the girl's race Molly Gellert crossed the finish line first with a time of 32:53.

"I mean there is always super good competition so you can’t really go into it expecting anything, and just see how it goes.” said Gellert.

Men's Race Results

Winning the men's race is Scott Patterson, with a time of 44:30.

Women's Race Results

Winning the women's race is 20-year-old Allie Ostrander, with a time of 49:19.

Today, she set a personal record, as her previous time was 50:28.

Ostrander is an NCAA title winner for Boise State.

Junior's Race Results

Winning the boy's junior race is 17-year-old Luke Jager, of Anchorage, with a time of 28:09.

Winning the girl's junior race is 17-year-old Molly Gellert, of Anchorage, with a time of 31:53.

Both Jager and Gellert attend West High School, in Anchorage.

Awards Ceremony
On July 4, at 6 p.m., Mount Marathon runners will be awarded at the AVTEC Gymnasium - 519 4th Avenue, Seward.
Follow this link for the full list of awards.

KTUU will provide recaps of the Mount Marathon event, during the Fourth of July evening newscasts.

Women's race winner is Allie Ostrander, NCAA title holder at Boise State. (Patrick Enslow / KTUU)
Girls juniors race winner is Anchorage's Molly Gellert, 17. (Patrick Enslow / KTUU)
Boys juniors race winner is Anchorage's Luke Jager, 17. (Patrick Enslow / KTUU)
Men's race winner is Scott Patterson. (Patrick Enslow / KTUU)

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