FBI: Robber strikes same Muldoon bank twice in as many weeks

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - One Anchorage bank was robbed on Monday just before closing time, the second such robbery at that bank in the past two weeks. Now, the FBI is saying that the suspect is the same man.

According to a news release by Staci Feger-Pellessier, spokesperson with the FBI, peace inside the First National Bank Alaska on Muldoon was broken when a man dressed in black took out a handgun and pointed it at employees, demanding money.

The same bank was robbed on Dec. 28 in the exact same manner.

As in the December robbery, the Jan. 8 robbery was also just before closing, with a man wearing similar clothing and holding a handgun, who demanded cash from the teller at gunpoint before leaving on foot with "an undisclosed amount of money," according to the FBI.

Denise Brown Robinson, marketing director for First National Bank Alaska, said that thankfully no one was injured during Monday's robbery, echoing similar sentiments made by the branch following the Dec. 28 crime.

At the time of the Dec. 28 robbery, Cheri Gillian, a senior vice president at the bank, said that while management is ultimately happy that no one was hurt, they consider robberies like this to be regrettable.

"However it's really a shame when anybody does this, as it ruins their lives forever," Gillian said.

Bank management Tuesday would not comment on whether any additional security measures had been taken following the December robbery, or making any further changes following the January robbery.

Robinson said that they "absolutely" have security guards inside their banks, and asked the public to speak out, saying, "If something looks suspicious, report it."

In the days to come, Robinson said that corporate leadership would be reviewing its protocol and analyzing the nature of the two robberies.

"After reviewing, if steps can be taken to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, there is no doubt that First National will take those steps."

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