Municipality wants public input for latest 'Transit on the Move' developments

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - An Anchorage transit plan that's in the works is set to include changes and even additions coming as soon as this fall.

Transit on the Move, a short-range transit plan for the city, looks at how Anchorage's current transit system is operating and what might be good to eliminate, add or alter in the future. According to the Municipality of Anchorage, recommendations from both officials and the public will include suggestions for People Mover, AnchorRides and RideShare.

"It's a good time to get involved right now," said Bart Rudolph, Anchorage Public Transportation Planning Manager. "We've had several public comment periods over the last year, and people have voted on which route they wanted, so now it's all in a plan.

"And people can verify, 'Okay, this is how the votes shook out, is this the route that I want?" he added.

A primary topic of discussion has been alterations to the city bus route. Back in 2017, changes were made to the bus system, improving frequency of service in most areas but leaving gaps in others.

Rudolph said people should pay attention to their personally-favored route, because the top-seeded one is the one most likely to be implemented next.

"The draft plan is out, so we want people to take one last look," he said.

The deadline to submit comments is January 31, 2020. You can send comments to, hand-delvier comments to the Downtown Transit Center at 700 W. 6th Ave., or mail to the Public Transportation Department at 3600 Dr. MLK Jr. Ave. in Anchorage.

You can also join the Transit on the Move email list by clicking here.

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