Auto shop murder suspect held on $500-thousand bond

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) Charging documents describe Tuesday’s homicide as an incident of workplace violence, possibly fueled by methamphetamine-induced paranoia.

Trevon Allridge, 26, faced a judge Wednesday on multiple charges, the most serious being first degree murder. According to the state attorney general’s office, Allridge and the victim William Schmaus, 51, both worked at Trejohn Auto Sales. While three employees, including Schmaus, were talking with one another in the inner office of the business, Allridge allegedly entered the room and shot Schmaus in the back of the head.

The two other employees looked back and saw Allridge standing over Schmaus’ slumped over body. Allridge allegedly had a gun in his hand.

The owner of Trejohn Auto Sales, Tracy Morning, called police. Allridge was caught by APD officers walking down the street 17 minutes after responding. He was approximately two blocks from the scene.

When questioned by detectives, Morning said Allridge had been heavily using methamphetamines and had been acting paranoid.

On Wednesday, the judge set Allridge’s bail at $500,000 cash appearance plus $500,000 cash performance.

“I haven't had time to grieve or anything,” said Schmaus’ mother, Shay Castoe, just outside the Anchorage jail. “It's just so surreal, and I feel so sorry for Trevon’s parents. They lost a child too.”

Schmaus’ family said one of the hardest moments in the short arraignment was Allridge not acknowledging the family during their at-times tearful statements.

“He was just ripped away,” said Randalee Laflamme, the victim's sister. “It’s not like somebody just dying of natural causes. This was an unnecessary death. This was somebody coming out of the blue and murdering for no reason.”

During the arraignment, the state prosecutor argued Allridge could be a flight risk if let out on bail, especially because he had already skipped his previous court appearance for separate charges scheduled to take place about an hour before the alleged homicide.

Allridge was already facing five Class C felonies stemming from an Aug. 22 incident where officials said he rammed multiple police vehicles before leading APD on on a car chase down A street. Allridge was eventually caught when he was boxed in by police cruisers after going the wrong way down C Street. All of southbound C Street at 31st street was shut down during the investigation.

The police chase was initiated after officers attempted to arrest Allridge on an outstanding warrant for discharge of a firearm/reckless endangerment. A gun was found in his vehicle at the time.

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