Murkowski: Members of Congress working 'aggressively' to bring home Americans stuck in other countries

Sen. Lisa Murkowski says Members of Congress are working aggressively to bring home Americans stuck in other countries. In a video address posted to her Facebook page, Murkowski said currently, there are 19 Alaskans who are stuck in Peru and trying to come back home. Peru sealed its border last Sunday, leaving hundreds of Americans stranded.

Murkowski said she's been working with Sen. Dan Sullivan to address this with the State Department, and that they've received confirmation on flights leaving Peru as early as Monday.

"We are working this. We are working this aggressively. We know the anxiety that this is causing the families and the concerns from those that are in Peru and other countries. We are working aggressively on it. I urge you to stay in close touch with my staff as we move forward," said Murkowski.

Murkowski says the most important takeaway is for every U.S. Citizen looking to come home from another country to register as part of the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) with the State Department. It does not have to be the person stranded who registers, Murkowski says it can be a family member as well. The program helps keep track of citizens stranded in other countries.

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