Mustangs Hockey Association girls team needs help with new team name

Anchorage (KTUU) With what female athletes like Kikkan Randall and the USA women's Olympic hockey team achieved this year, young female athletes all over are eager to make a name for themselves.

The young ladies of the Mustang Hockey Association are trying to find a new name for themselves and need your help.

Until May 31st, the girls hockey team is asking the community to help them pick out a new team name and logo.

"So, we wanted something unique to help the girls really stand out," MHA girls coordinator Angela Unruh said. "And the reason we wanted to get the community involved is because we're a community organization. "

Anyone can participate, and the guidelines are as follows:
1. The logo can convey the Mustang Hockey theme and fit in with the other logos but we are open to new ideas that are not horse related.
2. You can submit a team name, logo or both
3. Artwork must be original
4. You may be asked to revise your design for both reproduction or other issues. Be sure to keep original work.

The girls are looking for something that is different from the co-ed team.

""I'm pretty excited because I think this new name and logo are going to mean more," 8-year-old Roxie Merrick said. "And explain how we are strong girls and how boys and girls are really good athletes."

"I think it will be really exciting if they help," 8-year-old Amaya Ayojiak said. "Because it's hard for me to think of a new logo and name if I don't have anyone to help me. "

Unruh says the goal is to bring excitement and awareness to girls hockey and says this will be great for the community.

Although Roxie isn't sure what the new team name should be, she thinks it should have one central theme.

"I don't really have a clue on the name but something that explains how important girls hockey is."

The team will announce the winner on the team's Facebook page on June 5th.

You can send your submissions to Angela Unruh at

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