New distillery opens in Anchorage

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) New distillery, Alaska Proof Vodka is proving it has what it takes to launch a new product. Owner of Alaskan Spirits Distillery, Hilary Lockhart's bottling several new drinks that will hit store shelves.

"I envisioned a community bar. Now I know we aren't a bar we can only serve our own booze, but I wanted to have something like cheers, the same people always come into Kaladi Brothers, but instead of coffee we sell vodka," said Lockhart.

New flavors, Denali Fireweed, Alyeska Blueberry and an premium Potato Vodka drink are now available. Also, the first seasonal creation, a Copper River red smoked salmon variety that's set to be available sometime in May. Lockhart said she wanted people to see familiar faces. She hired 5 people and is looking to grow.

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