New addiction treatment clinic opening in Wasilla

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Wasilla, Alaska (KTUU) A nationwide drug addiction treatment company with seven operating locations plans to open a new facility in Wasilla later this month.

C.E.O. Nick Stavros says that, despite often receiving animosity when opening a clinic which offers drug replacement therapy, the Mat-Su community has been welcoming.

"I think it's because people realize there's a lack of treatment and there's an epidemic taking place in the Mat Su valley," says Stavros.

Drug replacement therapy involves prescribing addicts Methadone or other drugs. Some who support more treatment options say this type of treatment is not helpful.

"I don't like that you're trading one thing for another because when you're on the methadone you're still an addict," says John Green. Green's daughter Kellsie died behind bars earlier this year. He says her death was due to lack of medical help while detoxing from heroin.

Stavros says patients will also be required to undergo therapy with a counselor to help treat their addiction.