Newly formed African American art group shows off their work at Northway Mall

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A four day group art show featuring local African American artists wrapped up Sunday.

This was the very first art show for the newly formed group called African American Artists in Alaska. Many different art styles were represented over the weekend at Northway Mall, including contemporary and abstract. There was even an artist who made his pieces completely out of pipe cleaners.

Local artist Tasha Webster says this group was formed to bring more awareness to African American art, and representation in the community.

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"We had some young African American kiddos in here not too long ago, and they were so excited to see other brown and tan people that looked just like them on the walls, so that's also why we do this, and it's been a great turnout."

The group is currently recruiting more artists, so if you're interested you can visit their Facebook page, here.

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