VIDEO: Families of homicide victims hope for answers and justice

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska Two days after a pair of bodies were found in a Midtown park popular among families with small children, police say no one has been arrested and they are releasing few details about what they are describing as apparent homicides.

Kevin Turner (left) and Bryant “Brie” De Husson (right) were found dead in Valley of the Moon park in Midtown Anchorage in the early hours of Aug. 28. Police are investigating their deaths as homicides.

Many questions remain about who killed Bryant “Brie” De Husson, 25, and Kevin Schuyler Turner, 34.

What police have said is that a passerby spotted De Husson on a bike trail at Valley of the Moon park at about 2 a.m. Sunday. Police found Turner's body soon after.

The father of De Husson told KTUU he suspects Brie was cycling through the area on the way to meet a friend.

“It was my understanding that when he didn’t show up at a reasonable time, his friend decided to start going toward the direction that he was coming and they would just meet,” Gordon De Husson said.

“It was absolutely just the wrong time for him to be there,” De Husson said.

Brie had recently fixed a vintage Schwinn bicycle and was enjoying the warm weather, the father said. Brie posted a sunset photo to Instagram earlier that night.

Gordon De Husson believes Brie encountered a problem while traveling through the park and may have tried to intervene, the father said.

Brie was "just 100 percent just a beautiful person. It just bewilders me how God would allow evil to take this from us. What he was capable of providing and doing for Alaska … his potential was just getting started,” Gordon De Husson said.

Even with the proximity of the deaths, police have not identified a connection between Brie De Husson and Kevin Turner.

Kevin's younger brother, Billy, said the families realized Monday that the two were distant cousins who did not know one another in life.

According to family members, Kevin Turner suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and had ended up homeless a month ago when he left an assisted living facility. His siblings said he was being treated poorly because of his mental illnesses.

Court records detail the victim's legal run-ins, including protective orders filed by family members who said Kevin would become disoriented and violent when he was stuck living on the streets.

More than the pain and struggles, family members recall Kevin as loving and someone who protected people close to him as well as strangers. Billy suspects that's how his brother met his end: trying to help someone he never met who was being attacked.

Helping people in need is something Kevin did often in life, Billy said, like the time his older brother saved him from drowning while they were commercial fishing.

At the tail end of two weeks on the water, they were at a fish tender offloading the catch when the younger brother let a brailer bag holding $900 of fish fall into the water. Instinctively, Billy jumped in and saved it from floating away.

But he was stuck clinging to the bag with one hand a rope in the other.

"I go, 'OK man, grab this bag right here, quick!'" Billy recalls, saying his brother instead reached for what he cared about most. "Kevin reaches down, he grabs my arm, and he threw me into the boat with all his might. I saved the bag, but he saved my life. My brother has always been my hero."

Twenty-five people have been murdered in Anchorage so far this year, including 15 since the end of June, according to APD. That is the same number of homicides as 2015.

Several of the deaths this year involved people under the age of 21.

Police issued an alert Tuesday afternoon advising citizens to be extra vigilant about their personal safety and to report suspicious activity and domestic violence.

They also suggest people not to walk alone in parks, on bike trails, or on streets at times of day when they are likely to be unoccupied.

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